Cavitation Machine


The heat generated by the RF waves beam collagen in the skin is reduced. Collagen is reduced and firms the skin. The second phase begins when the body responds. The collagen will be healed and renewed and even more, collagen will occur. The skin tightens and improves the overall look.


What is the radio frequency?

RF is used to heat the dermal skin sparing the epidermis. This will lead to non-ablative skin tightening without injection and lift surgery.


25K+40K Cavitation:

2Probe for Cavitation:Deep Probe:25KHz with photon / Middle Probe:40KHz



Active Surface:18.6cm2

Operate timer:1-20min


Radio Frequency :

Probe for RF with 3model size,Bipolar+Tripolar

RF Energy:50J

Pulse type:continuous/pulse

Frequency:1/3/10MHz Variable frequency



Application cavitation :

* Localized fat

* Cellulite

* Body sculpture

* Body Reshaping

* Skin tightening and lifting

* Wrinkle Reduction

* Systemic collagen regeneration


Product Name

25k 40k Cavitation slimming machine

Cavitation frequency:

40KHZ, 25Khz


Weight Loss/Body Shaping / Collagen Stimulation / Improve Complexion


Nine pieces:

(1). 25K cavitation head.

(2). 40K cavitation head.

(3). RF handle with 7 tips head.



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