CRYOPUSH Pulse Cold and Compression Therapy System



CRYOPUSH Pulse Cold and Compression Therapy System is a newly-developed product that integrated continuous cold and intermittent hydrodynamic compression therapies to reduce pain and swelling, reduce muscle spasms, encourage cellular oxygen supply to help you to heal faster, recover better, and enjoy more effective pain relief after an injury or surgery.

A full set of Pulse Cold Compression Therapy Unit Comes With…

• Cooler

• Wrap

• AC Adapter

• Connector Hose

Available Accessories:

Carry bag for Therapy System

Dual Connector Hose

Other wraps for different body parts

How to use:

Step 1: Push the door release button to open the cooler door, add the ice and water into coole, please note that the ice and water need to over than half cooler. But do not overfill over than 4/5 of the cooler. Close the door.

Step 2: Place the cuff on the body part, please note that the cuff can’t be placed directly against wounds) , connect the cooler and cuff by connector.

Step 3: Plug the AC adaptor. Press the power button about 3-5 seconds, the screen should light up and then press the plus or minus  button to choose the mode,then press button play/pause button to start the cooler.

Step 4: After use, Press the power button about 3-5 seconds to turn off the cooler. Drainage out the water from the cuff and pour out the ice and water cooler.

Color: Red

Noise: 45db

Voltage: AC100V~240V/50-60Hz

Pulse pressure range: 60mmHg-120mmHg

Input Voltage: 12V/2A

Product Features

* Intermittent cold compression accelerates the healing process and reduces pain and swelling;

* Preset a flexible treatment options to achieve the best care for you;

* Portable design to use the device anywhere and anytime;

* Perfect for athletic training rooms, clinics and home use;

* Gives you a quiet environment during the treatment;

* Covers ankle, shoulder, leg, back, elbow, hand and knee.


**Please note the current price is only inclusive of the main machine and comes with 1 universal wrap (used for different areas)**

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