EMS Sculpt


This beauty muscle instrument uses non-invasive technology of high-intensity focused electromagnetic wave to release high-frequency magnetic vibration energy through two large treatment handles to penetrate the muscles to a depth of 8cm, and induce continuous expansion and contraction of muscles to achieve high-frequency extreme training, to deepen the growth of myofibrils and produce new collagen chains and muscle fibers, thereby training and increasing muscle density and volume.

  1. Dual effects — achieving muscle building and body slimming effectively.
  2. Safe and easy — no knife, injection, medicine, current, radiation, exercise, diet, pain, side effect or recovery period.
  3. Time & effort saving — lying down for 30 minutes = 30000 times of muscle contraction = 30000 times of sit ups / squats.
  4. Quick & remarkable results — a course of treatment can effectively increase muscle by 16% and reduce fat by 19%.
  5. Multi-applicable positions — precise treatment on abs, arm, shoulder, leg or hips, etc.
  6. 5 modes each with 12 frequency — adjust the output frequency according to individual needs.
  7. Four handles — operating simultaneously and effectively, suitable for men & women.
  8. Strong cooling system — greatly improves the stability of energy output.

Muscle Building & Fat Burning Firm abs & lift buttock Slim arms & legs

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