Soprano Titanium 2 in 1 Vertical Machine


*Handle with mini screen is optional*

Diode laser with Qswitch Ndyag

Machine advantages :

1. Combines diode laser & Ndyag laser in one machine, it will bring you more functions but save more money.

2. Soprano titanium Diode laser uses the USA import golden sintering laser bar, shots over 50 million times. The laser handle can last at least 3 years.

It uses TEC condenser cooling system inside, the machine has the power to work over 24 hours continuously.

3. Ndyag laser uses the USA import laser rod, shots over 2 million times.

Its handle come with 5 laser tips, include fixed spot size 1064nm&532nm, spot size adjustable 1064nm, 532nm,1320nm. Spot size adjustable heads can do faster treatment for larger places tattoo removal.

Ndyag uses 600W big power supply, higher power, enough to achieve good results.

4. 14 inch 4k capacitance screen, more delicacy, more clear, more nice.

About warranty and after-sale services:

(1) We supply 2 years warranty for machine.

(2) Before dispatch we will test everything to confirm the machine is working well.

(3) After you receive the machine ,will help you install, teach how to operate the machine until

you get the good treatment effect with the machine.

(4) All machines are modular design. So if ever there is a problem then it is very easy to find the problem and replace the accessory .

Have professional engineer and our engineer will help solve any problem.

Within warranty ,if parts required will send free spare parts to you.

(5) For training, provide video, user’s manual, parameter setting files

You can choose proper configurations according to your budgets and needs . For different powers of diode laser handle , their treatment effects are same .. But their efficiency are really different .

For same area , for 1000W handle , it may take 5 minutes . But for 1600Watt handle , it only needs 2 or 3 minutes.

Usually speaking, you can choose proper configurations according to the following :

10bar 1000W configuration, it can do hair removal treatments for 8-12 clients everyday.

12bar 1200W configuration, it can do hair removal treatments for 13-18 clients everyday .

16bar 1600W configuration, it can do hair removal treatments for 19-24 clients everyday as the strength and power is higher.

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