Upgraded 80k Slimming Machine


  1. Negative pressure radio frequency head: accelerates fat burning, reshapes the body and face, the frequency of the machine hits the internal fat, accelerates the heating of the cell wall, and causes the fat to break and burn
  2. 80K fat exploding instrument: crack fat, effectively consume calories, cell moisture, reduce fat cells, so as to achieve the effect of removing fat
  3. Six-level firming head: Promote cell proliferation, promote natural resistance movement of subcutaneous tissue, collagen proliferation, stimulate and replenish lost protein, lift and tighten body skin, and lasting anti-aging
  4. Four-level firming head: body lifting and firming, massage the body to promote collagen proliferation, stimulate and replenish lost protein, achieve lifting and firming of the skin, achieve the effect of lifting, and restore the elasticity of the body’s skin
  5. Three-level firming head: Fades fine lines on the face, massages the face to make collagen proliferate, stimulates the replenishment of lost protein, and achieves the effect of lifting and tightening the facial skin
  6. Laser fat reduction board: Promote blood circulation, by breaking fat, promoting blood circulation and accelerating metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of slimming

Power: 50W

Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz

Gear: 6 levels

Working Handle: 5 pcs+8 pcs lipolaser

Package Weight: 6.2KG

Package Size: 38*26*26cm

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