10D Luxmaster Slim MLD 2 in 1 laser system


Unique Laser Head design

-Multi diode laser

-Both foldable wings

-Bigger treatment area and flexible operate

High Quality Diode Laser

-Imported laser chips

-with two special lens, focusing lens and Powell lens, make the laser beam bigger and more uniform

-High-temperature-resistant materials for continuous running

-Long lifetime: At least 8000 hours

-360° all-round Scanning function

Adjust the two wings to make multiple linear laser beams intersect at the treatment point.

High sensitivity smart touch screen

Three interfaces

Laser treatment interface

MLD treatment interface

Diode laser control interface

User friendly, convenient and professional


Uses ‘cold therapy’ and can target 10 areas of the body – it works by shrinking the fat cells, not destroying or harming them. The fat is then consumed as energy and flushed out naturally via the body’s lymphatic system when combined with light exercise and sufficient water intake. Patients can experience up to 7.5 cm of overall fat loss in just 1-2 session.

The laser light targets fat cells and opens pores in the membrane of the fat cells. This allows the fatty acids inside to seep out into the interstitial fluid. The fatty acids are then used by the body for energy or transported out of the body via the lymphatic system, the liver and the kidneys.


8 body parts guidance





Inner thigh




Preset treatment parameters

A: Operation Guide Suggestions

According to the distribution of lymph nodes in different parts, provide treatment operation suggestions

B: Treatment Guide Map

Mark the fat accumulation location in different parts

C: Elevator Control Keys

Elevator up and down control keys

Temperature: 30°- 45° *Section:10Kpa–80Kpa


MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) working head selection Intelligently identify the size of the working head


You can choose body parts according to your own situation, and different body parts are configured with different treatment preset parameters

Please note: The other option 10D laser shape system only difference is the brand Is Maxlipo instead of Luxmaster Slim MLD, the shell of the machine is different & the Maxlipo does not have the MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) handles

If you do have a machine which has a vacuum suction handle then there is no need for the MLD version and you can go for the alternative which is the 10D laser Shape Maxlipo System


Treatment parameters

Power 1-10

Mode continuous mode

Pulse mode 1-20 HZ

Scanning 0-5

10 diode laser can be controlled on and off and can be turned on and off according to actual needs

No downtime, No side effects

Lowers blood sugar

Lowers cholesterol

Assists in lowering blood pressure

Pain free treatments

Effective anti obesity treatment for whole body

Fast results

Most patients see results in 4 weeks or less

180 degree foldable holding arm

Automatic laser head up and down

Suitable for different heights of beauty beds etc.

50cm adjustable distance

Maximum reach of laser head 110cm

Angle adjustment of laser wings 100 degree

Maximum reach of elevator 500mm

MLD handle 2 pieces

For lymphatic drainage

Number of diode 10 pieces either green 532 or red 635 or combine both at additional charge

Power of diode 200mw

Size of screen 12.1 inch

Weight 78kg


Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a gentle rythmic form of body work that enhances and supports the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system to achieve detoxification slimming , endocrine regulation

Step 1 :When the laser target fat accumulation areas the green laser penetrate down to the fat cell wall, boring tiny pores into its surface

Step 2: The fatty acids overflow the cells and get into the lymphatic system

Step 3: Combined lymphatic drainage , fatty acids are excreted through the lymphatic system

Step 4: The result that the fat cells shrink instead of being killed to achieve detoxification slimming, endocrine regulation


After laser therapy has been completed then the lymphatic system is directly stimulated with an instrument called a percussor (absorption handles)

It is a gentle massage-type therapy that is used to manually move stagnant lymphatic fluid through the organs to remove toxins. This therapy works wonderfully and leaves patients feeling great.


Therapy For Pain

Wound Healing

Therapy Applications

Athletics System Injuries

Wound & Ulcer Acupuncture

Sports Injuries & Sprain

Diminish Inflammation

Pain Relief

Knee Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Soft Tissue Injuries

Acupuncture Rehabilitation Therapy

Please note:  Only if use option red light and the green light which is half and half then the physiotherapy benefits apply

Green laser therapy activate an enzyme called cholesterol 7-alpha-hydroxylase, which plays a key role in the metabolism of cholesterol in the liver. By increasing the activity of this enzyme, the liver may be able to break down more cholesterol and remove it from the bloodstream.

lymphatic drainage therapy will help to improve the flow of lymphatic fluid, which can help to remove excess cholesterol from the body. The lymphatic system plays an important role in the transport of cholesterol and other lipids, and by improving lymphatic flow, the body may be able to more effectively remove these substances from the bloodstream.

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