10D Vertical Hifu


Cartridge head 1.5mm R4500
Cartridge head 2.0mm R4500
Cartridge head 3.0mm R4500
Cartridge head 4.5mm R5000
Cartridge head 6.0mm R5000
Cartridge head 9.0 mm R5000
Cartridge head 13.0mm R5000
Gun cartridge 1.5mm R5000
Gun cartridge 3.0mm R5000
Gun cartridge 4.5mm R5000

Please note if you take more than 2 cartridges you get a discount
The standard machine comes with all 10 cartridges – Any additional cartridges must be purchased seperately under “10D Cardridges”

The full name of HIFU is HIFU-High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound.
The main functions of HIFU:
Face-lifting, removing double chin, lifting firmness, wrinkles, tightening the skin, etc.
It completely solve the problem of aging and sagging on the face and body parts and firms and tightens very well achieving anti ageing effects at its best, recreate the contours to restore the youth. After treatment, it does not affect daily life at all, can return to normal activities.
The working principle of this machine is to emit heat of 60 to 70 degrees through the ultrasonic focusing film on the handle. The heat reaches the subcutaneous fascia layer, destroys collagen, swallows the broken cells, and produces new collagen.
Unlike lasers, radio frequency, surgery, and other technologies, nonsurgical Ultrasound therapy bypasses the surface of the skin through ultrasound energy with focused imaging—to target just the right amount at the right depths and the right temperature. The result is a jumpstart to your body’s own collagen production
12 inch 4k HD ultra thin screen,
LED light decoration, very modern and fashionable for aesthetic salons
10 cartridges for different face and body parts to treat, each cartridge has 20 000 shots
High end technology

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