12 in 1 Multifunction Beauty Machine


Professional skin care therapy

Shrink pores

Deep clean

Black head removal


Import nutrition

Skin tightening

Facial steam- the air mixed steam gently touches the skin making the skin more moisturized and shiny, the arm rotates 180° ,the head rotates 360 °

Flexible operation, wide atomization range, treatment range large outlet temperature of 100° , good thermal spray temperature, pore expansion, promote cell metabolism, water supply of 1.5 litres can be used upto 60 minutes

Skin scrubber – excellent pore cleansing using 28khz ultrasonic strong vibration to exfoliate facial waste, blackheads, shovel out the dirt and reach deep layer

Nano spray- put the nutrient solution or toner into the spray bottle and spray onto the skin, the granular water droplets are transformed into extremely fine nano water molecules and injected into the bottom layer of the skin which can firm the skin

Iontophoresis – electrical ion stimulation will speed up the blood circulation of the body aiming at the dark yellow on the face and blockage of dark circles, each operating head has a positive and negative relationship to improve skin spots, pigmentation and promote collagen production

Ultrasonic face – using the high frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves the maintenance components with larger molecules can be miniaturized and penetrates through power makes the skin easier to absorb, help the skin metabolism increase by 25-30%, point at the fine lines to achiy crystal clear whitening effect

RF lift – radio frequency positioning heating improve fine lines around the eyes and cooperates with products with different functions to promote fineness around the eyes

Hot & cold hammer – cold hammer repair swelling and water light acupuncture operation, relaxing calming effect ,shrink pores

Hot hammer with gel calms and eliminates redness and replenish skin loss, makes the skin reach a balance of water and oil

7 Color Photon Light

Stimulate acupuncture points with electric current to activate the underlying cells, increase cell activity and brighten spots

Increase skin elasticity, diminished fine lines, skin rejuvenation, shrink pores, tighten skin and promote collagen

Radio Frequency

Inject radio frequency energy, eliminate fine lines , lift and firm, reduce dark circles, eye bags

High frequency electro therapy

With 4 electro therapy tubes , mushroom shape glass , comb shaped glass, spoon shaped glass, dot shape glass

Anti inflammatory effect, sterilization and disinfection, treatment of acne and promote recovery of acne

Inhibit Bacterial Growth

Reduce and regulate sebum secretion and promote metabolism

Promote lymphatic and blood circulation

Deep hydration

Using normal saline, using strong pressure oxygen the normal saline and oxygen are injected through the probe at the same time it quickly injects moisture into the bottom layer of the skin and hydrates

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