12D plus hifu machine


Extra cartridges can be purchased as well as optional cartridges

  • RF 6.0mm R4000
  • RF 9.0mm R4000
  • RF 13.0mm R4000
  • RF 16.0mm R4000
  • EMS 8.0mm R4000
  • EMS 10.0mm R4000
  • EMS 13.0mm R4000
  • EMS 18.0mm R4000


This package comes with standard cartridges which is RF 9.0mm + 13.0mm + EMS 8.0mm + 13.0mm


EMS+RF 12d hifu machine

Technology (3 in 1)

Hifu, EMS, RF

Output Power


12 Hifu Cartridges

Standard: RF 9.0mm 13.0mm+EMS 8.0mm 13.0mm

Optional: RF 6.0mm 16.0mm EMS10.0mm 18.0mm

Packing size

62*46*30CM 15kg


Skin Tightening, Body Slimming,Weight Loss


AC110V – 220V


Set weight loss, shape, slimming, sculpting curves, detoxification as one of the new health shape management instrument. The unique Hall speed brushless motor will focus on the multi-dimensional intervention of fat at the point, line and surface of the energy, with the controlled radio frequency for emulsification and metabolism of fat, with the high-frequency EMS energy for effective training of fat and muscle, so as to achieve shaping, tightening, presenting perfect curves and other effects


RS controller

2MHz Focused Energy

1MHz Phased Radio Frequency

Dot mode: SINGLE is the dot mode of half a circle (the part with arelatively small operating area);

POINT is the dot pattern of a circle;

THREAD is a circle pattern


MS controller

4MHz Focused Energy

High Frequency EMS Energy

Dot mode: SINGLE is the dot mode of half a circle (the part with arelatively small operating area);

Point is the dot pattern of a circle;

The rad is a circle pattern.


1. Fat reduction.

2. Body slimming, body shaping.

3. To promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism.

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