14 in 1 Vertical Hydra Dermabrasion Facial Machine


Hydro facial water dermabrasion

Water dermabrasion is an exciting NEW technology that combines the efficacy of Microdermabrasion, vacuum system and new Fuse hydration system. It is a lot gentler than crystal microdermabrasion or diamond dermabrasion as only water is used, and we use professional quality machines.

Water-dermabrasion (or hydra microdermabrasion) applies mechanical and chemical peeling simultaneously. A hydra-dermabrasion machine includes a water jet, an air compressor, a two-way flow control valve, a purified container and a waste water tank.

Unique hydra-dermabrasion tip jets out thin and tiny stream of water and polish skin in high speed by vacuum suction, the liquid from which helps moisturize skin

The main advantage of such hydro-dermabrasion machines lies in that it is much gentle by using only water, and enables treatment diversification by using with skin care products for different functions like essential oil, whitening products, lactic acid, salicylic acid and more, to achieve various aims on customers’ request.

14-in-1 HydraMaster Microdermabrasion


1.High Frequency

  1. Hydra Dermabrasion
  2. Diamond Peeling
  3. Ultrasonic
  4. Oxygen Sprayer
  5. Lymphatic Drainage
  6. BIO – LIFT
  7. PDT Light

9.Skin Srubber

10.Skin Analyzer


100Kpa Max / 0 – 1 bar


15” TFT True Color Touch Screen


100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz


  1. High Frequency Handle with 4 tips x 1pc
  2. Hydra Dermabrasion Handle with 8 tips x 1pc
  3. Diamond Peeling Handle with 9 tips x 1pc
  4. Ultrasonic Handle ( Facial & Eye ) x 2pcs
  5. Oxygen Sprayer x 1pc
  6. Vacuum Pen ( Small, Medium and Large ) x 3pcs
  7. BIO – LIFT Handle x 1pc
  8. PDT Light Handle x 2pcs
  9. Skin Srubber x 1pc

10)Skin Analyzer




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