2 in 1 Ems & G5


Bowket 2in1 EMS high frequency weight loss beauty device g5 massage machine


Working principle of G5 Massager

The inbuilt high-speed motor of instrument drives the eccentric wheel do circular motion,

in which of the process generates centrifugal force.As the eccentric rotating direction,centrifugal force

generates the centrifugal physical vibration,which is transmitted to the working head by efficient and

durable means.The working head is used with several different massage taus,it can do Full-body

massage、Exfoliating clean、Rehabilitation nursing、Muscle exercise、Body fitness、Body Shaping,etc.


Applicable Places:

Beauty salons, Health halls, Large clubs, Gymnasiums, Gyms, Schools, Family ,Individuals.


Characteristics of the G5 massager:

1.Strong and comfortable physical vibration,less side-effects.

  1. Five different massage taus, suitable for the whole body or the local parts.

3.Ten groups of electronic pulse for the whole body or the local parts

  1. Wide application scope and wide applicable crowds


Main effect of Vibrating Slimming Massager

  1. Help to defecate and clear your stomach
  2. Help to lose weight and shape body
  3. Relax your muscles
  4. Increase circulation

5.Rehabilitation conditioning


Main effect of Electronic Pulse Massage

  1. Reduce cellulite on arms,abdomen,buttocks,thighs and calf.
  2. Enhance blood circulation of shoulder,neck,back,hip and waist and vertebrae.
  3. Remove body fatigue and stress,relieve the body pain.
  4. Stimulate tension tight muscle to do contracting exercises.
  5. Lift and firm slack muscle and muscle mass for slimming and shaping body line.
  6. Effectively treating cervical and lumber cervical and lumbar vertebrae strains.
  7. Relieving arthritis,arthralgia,rheumatism.
  8. Unclogging mammary gland,developing strong and beautiful breasts.
  9. Faradic stimulation to prevent breast cancer and relative diseases.
    1. Exercise the face muscle,remove the wrinkles and dark cycles,tighten skin.

Finger cylindrical Massage tau


Main functions:

*reduces pain

*Relax muscle tension

*Relieve body fatigue

*Soften hard fats

Applicable for Pain sites ,Hard fat sites

Hemispherical Massage tau

Application for Most muscles

such as Abdomen, back, arms Buttocks, thighs, Shoulders and neck

Main Functions:

*Exercise muscles

*Eliminate hard fat

*Maintain joint flexibility

*Improve blood circulation

*Increase metabolism

Multi-points Massage tau

Major Functions

*Remove wrinkles

*Remove soft fats

*Restores skin elasticity

*Build an S body shape

Application for Rough、wrinkled areas

Round-soft sponge Massage

Acupuncture points

*Including the head, shoulders and neck,

*Body, chest and soles of feet. When do the therapy, Please used isposable

hygienic film : (e.g. plastic wrap)

Major Functions:

*Dredge meridian

*Relieve nerve

*Improve immunity

*Relax body and mind

U-Soft sponge Massage

Major Functions:

*Dredge meridian

*Relieve nerve

*Improve immunity

*Relax body and mind

Acupuncture points

*Including the head, shoulders and neck,

*Body, chest and soles of feet. When do the therapy, Please used isposable

hygienic film : (e.g. plastic wrap)


G5 Massage and Electronic Stimulation Instrument

Rated Voltage


Rated Power


Rated Frequency


Working Time


Intensity of vibration

10-90 levels(adjustable)

Rotating Speed Frequency

600 r/min-3000r/min

Pulse Frequency Range


Pulse Program

4 ones

Pulse Energy

0~270 angles(adjustable)

Pulse Speed

3 levels (S,M,F)

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