2024 Diode Laser


Efficient Hair Removal:

1. The laser technology penetrates the skin and targets the hair follicles directly, swiftly and effectively removing unwanted hair.

2. Safe and Painless:

Cooling technology is employed to reduce discomfort during the treatment, making the hair removal process more comfortable without the need for anesthesia.

3. Long-lasting Results:

The hair removal effect is long-lasting, achieving the goal of long-term smooth skin and reducing the need for frequent hair removal.

4. Wide Applicability:

Suitable for various skin types and hair colors, including dark and coarse hair, with high versatility.

5. Fast Treatment:

Each pulse has a wide coverage area, ensuring a quick treatment suitable for large areas.

6. Non-Invasive:

808nm laser hair removal is non-invasive, requiring no surgery, reducing risks and recovery time.

7. Adjustable Parameters:

Operators can adjust laser parameters according to the client’s needs and skin type to ensure safe and effective treatment.

808nm/ 755nm +808nm+ 1064nm/755 808 940 1064nm (Optional)
1-120J/cm2 (adjustable)
Application Head
Sapphire Crystal
Pulse Duration
1-400ms (adjustable)
Repetition Rate
1-10 Hz
Cooling System
Wind cooling + water cooling+ semiconductor cooling
Output power
Spot Size
12×12mm / 12×24mm / 12×36mm
Handle temperature
-10℃ – +10℃
Power Supply
110V~200V (Adjustable)

Advantages of our machine:
1)Focus Light laser sealed technology
2) Better cooling system: ie.it can reach -15℃ (Japanese TEC + radiator + 12 air fans + 4L water tank), The machine can work continuously for more than 8 hours, and is safe.
3) Multiple pulse widths: extended handle life
4) Laser shooting count: unlimited
5) 4 wavelengths: suitable for all skin types

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