3 in 1 Oxygen Skin Care Machine


3 in 1 Oxygen Skin Care Machine R27000

7 kit Oxypod set R9800

Please note oxy pod kits are purchased seperately:
includes 6 pods in each of the 7 boxes
You purchase a full kit set (includes 7 boxes)
You can choose any 7 oxy pods of your choice
Please stipulate the 7 boxes you want via email or WhatsApp after you place your order

Pods boxes:

3 in 1 skin care treatment to actively nourish, vitalize and hydrate the skin

Exfoliation of the external skin layer
Infusion of revitalizing nutrients
Oxygenation of skin generated from within

Power output
5–30 Hz
Inlet voltage of PSU
100–240V~50/60Hz, 600mA
Inlet voltage of PSU
12VDC, 2.0A
Operating temperature
41°–86° F
Operating humidity
20–80% RH
Operating Atmospheric pressure
80–106 KPa
Transport and storage temperature
-4°–140° F
Transport and storage humidity
5–90% RH
Transport and Storage
Atmospheric pressure
50–106 KPa

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