3 in 1 Plasma Machine


Beauty plasma shower

Beauty effect: Sterilization, Antibacterial, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, acne treatment

Surgical plasma Shower

Plasma cutting effect : Spot, pigmentation, skin tag, moles, warts

Fractional effect : Fine wrinkle, pore, scar and skin resurfacing

Thermal effect : Fine wrinkle, pore, face lifting and skin tightening

Cold / Hot Handle

Cold: Calm down skin after treatment, close skin pores, improve skin elasticity; eliminate edema; skin firming;

Hot: promote skin deep absorption; accelerate skin metabolism;

Plasma uses a specific frequency of energy to generate plasma,It’s nature is active and rapidly combines with the bacteria on the surface of human body, thus destroying the bacterial structure and playing an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal role; In addition, TDDS plasma has non-invasive superconductivity, which acts on adhesion molecules that connect skin cells, rapidly opens cell channels, promotes 10 times penetration of products, at the same time ,stimulates skin and promotes collagen proliferation, and It can repair problematic skin, sterilize and anti-inflammatory, promote product absorption and anti-aging effect

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