3 in 1 Pressotherapy machine


How does pressotherapy work? The air is automatically pumped into pneumatic chambers of the boot. The machine can apply a pressure that reaches 100mmHg or even 120mmHg. With this strong pressure, the machine can automatically adapt the patient’s blood pressure and help all parts of body do the deep lymphatic drainage massage, then enhance blood circulation. If you use a good anti-cellulite cream, it will add to the results of the treatment.


  1. Safety, because we use 36 V safety voltage for the machine.
  2. Our abdominal packages use advanced ultrasonic welding technology, to ensure that each airbag tight suture.
  3. Large digital tube synchronously act on each mode of operation, the operation is simple, convenient and clear control. The

digital technology, timing, orientation, positioning, constant air to do light, heavy, fast, slow humanized selection modes.

  1. 24 groups chambers close to body parts, achieving double efficient in the process. Local or systemic use, single people or

double use, can be operated simultaneously.

  1. The air suit made up from special material can be done more reasonable and convenient, and durable cleaning.

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