3 Zone Sauna Blanket


The 3 zone far-infrared slimming treatment can help increase basic metabolic rate (BMR), which is the fastest and natural way to lose weight.

2.As the body warms, in addition to sweating, the blood thins and the speed at which it circulates around the body increases, while the body tries to cool itself down. The effect is to raise the temperature at the extremities of the body to the same temperatureat the core of the body-a temperature at which body fat can be broken down.



  1. Lose weight, fast slimming thermal blanket slimming
  2. Accelerate metabolism slimming heating blanket
  3. Promote nutrition absorbing, dispel tiredness slimming hot blanket
  4. Physical therapy to cure muscle and nerve diseases thermal slimming blanket
  5. Remove liver strain and unknown pain slimming body wrap blanket
  6. Diminish inflammation, energy renewal


Range of application:

  1. Plastic surgery – pre/post liposuction (edema reduction, recovery)
  2. Aesthetic salons – cellulite treatments, adjunctive treatment for vacuum roller (vacuomobilization) massage.
  3. Spa/home use – cellulite treatments, massage and relaxation.
  4. Stimulates collagen strings in deeper levels of skin
  5. Increases the lymphatic flow
  6. Supports the metabolism of skin cells
  7. Lowers the effects of cellulite
  8. Reduces the volume of massaged parts
  9. Increases the skin elasticity
  10. Helps to increase the effects of cavitation and RF treatments
  11. Helps to reduce weight if used periodically

Carbon fibre wiring 35 year life span

(Please note it is not spiral wiring) as spiral wiring lifespan is only 3 years and carries risk of burns

The body wrap is separated from three part .(Above body, lower body and waist)This product makes these three parts of body to loss weight separate. It can set up time and temperature.(25-80 Celsius degree)

Close range FIR with temperature control over the whole body, ideal and effective modern hi-tech system generally used in beauty salons , weight losing centers and even at home. In modern society, people live in an environment of hard work, fast speed and great psychological pressure and they are always in a status of sub-health. Sharply aiming at these diseases caused by modern civilization, we developed this FIR home sauna blanket that is the first of it’s kind in the whole world. It combines health care and slimming function without any negative effects on human body and therefore is the ideal Hi-Tech health care equipment for family purpose.

The sauna blanket uses intelligent control technology to maintain an even distribution of heat throughout the blanket and to warm the blanket from cold in a very short time. The sauna blanket has been carefully designed and manufactured to be completely safe for domestic use.

LAYING DOWN IS THE MOST BENEFICAL WAY TO SAUNA- Laying down is the most effective and comfortable way to take a sauna. Not only is it more relaxing but there are important physiological reasons why laying down is more therapeutic than sitting. Laying down in the blanket promotes distinct cardiovascular and neurological advantages. Laying down relieves the nervous system and cardiovascular system of the extra stress that is required to maintain an erect posture. Gravity places a burden on the system which is why the rest and repair of sleep is naturally laying down. The cardiovascular system is relieved from postural demands in the a laying down position. Under the heat stress which is common in a sauna the regulation of internal body responses toward self healing is maximized with the greatest degree of relaxation. Keeping the head outside and cool while laying down is the optimal way to get the most benefits with the least discomfort.


Infrared sauna blanket

Ultra-portable infrared sauna blanket suitable for health and beauty purpose for professional or leisure use. Excellent for detox, weight loss, or general health and relaxation.

Far infrared ray is often referred to as the light of life for its importance in growth and nature. Around 81% of the suns rays fall within this spectrum of light. Far infrared heat is renowned for its energizing and deeply penetrative powers. The far infrared rays have deeper penetrative powers than other heat sources achieving 4-5cm depths within the body in a short time. When using the sauna blanket the head/brain is not heated. This allows sweating without overheating the bodies’ core temperature.


Far Infrared Characteristic

* Increase efficiency

* reserve power

* improve quality and taste

* preserve

* sterilize

* enhance antibody

* relieve muscle tension

* enhance fuel/diesel combustion efficiency

* improve blood circulation

* lower toxic gas emission

* remove stench…

Advanced thermal heating system with integrated carbon fiber technology, producing FIR at the most beneficial frequencies to human health

  • 360 degree full body coverage
  • Precise digital control for time and temperature of session. Simple to operate
  • Automatic switch off of heat at the end of session
  • Convenient to use and store
  • Four overheating protection devices in blanket, and two in controller box to keep the safety
  • Safe to use. CE certified apparatus
  • Comfortable, relaxing experience
  • Ideal for spa use

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