3D Colour Doppler Trolley Ultrasound with all Convex Probe, Micro Convex Probe, Linear Probe, Transvaginal Probe, Rectal Probe


  1. Convex probe is good for in-depth examinations, you can use it for examinations such as: Abdominal, OB/GYN;
  2. Micro convex is a sub-type of convex probe, you can use it in neonatal and pediatrics applications on abdominal scanning as well as basic heart. Compared to using a large convex probe, it is easier to scan through rib spaces and underneath the costal arch with this probe and the frequency range is always of a higher frequency than convex probe.
  3. Linear probe has various applications, for instance: Vascular examination, Venipuncture, blood vessel visualization, Breast, Small parts, Thyroid, Tendon etc.
  4. Transvaginal probe and rectal probe perform internal examinations of the patients. They are mainly for Gynecology/rectal diagnosis.

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