3D Skin Analyzer


Through 28 million HD pixels to obtain facial skin image conditions, using 8 spectral imaging technology, AI face recognition technology, deep learning technology, 3D simulation technology, cloud computing cloud storage, the pathological features of the skin are quantitatively analyzed on the surface and deep layer, and 14 skin health indicators can be detected. Comprehensively analyze and evaluate skin problems, so as to carry out scientific and accurate skin management with reasonable basis .

Details in Images

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The image is clearer and the analysis is more accurate RGB white light, positive polarization, negative polarizationUV365, blue 405, wu shi light, red light, brown light Comprehensive analysis of 14 skin indicators .

40 filters protect your skin from any side effects of light .

regularly upgrade version ,network interruption automatically switches to the local end ,cloud computing and cloud storage .-

Product Usage

New 3D simulation technology:
Simulate accurate recognition of facial features, quantitative analysis of four major problematic skin.

Deep learning technology:
Combined with large database labeling, accurately identify and analyze all kinds of skin problems.

AI face recognition technology:
Artificial intelligence face recognition algorithm is adopted to accurately identify O area, T area and U area, making the data more accurate and faster.

Description of product use effect

  1. File management module
  2. Cloud computing, cloud storage module
  3. Surface and deep quantitative analysis module
  4. Skin prediction module
  5. 3D simulation module
  6. Problem skin module
  7. Comparative analysis module
  8. Integrated report module
  9. Solution module
  10. VIP customized module

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