5 in 1 Portable Hair Growth System


The machine combines high frequency, oxygen spray, hot therapy, hair analyzer and micro current technology. Can accelerate bloods circulation, promotion metabolism, promote cell regeneration, eliminate inflammation, repair hair roots, promote hair growth, hair loss fundamental change.

1. Scalp Analyzer
The detection head adopts high-definition microscopic image synthesis technology, which can detect the nature of hair and daily problems in high-definition, such as clogged hair follicles and excessive oil secretion, and can grasp the problems of scalp and hair at any time.

2. Spray Gun
It will spray the nutritional essence to customer’s scalp uniformly. And the products will ion atomization which will be very easy to absorb.

3. High Frequency
The high frequency comb producing a high frequency current that ionizes the gas and effectively stimulates the blood circulation, reduces folliculitis, regulates oil secretion and eliminates microorganisms. And producing ozone gas that effectively anti inflammation of scalp, accelerate wound healing. Good for hair loss and hair regrowth treatment and great results in nourishing the hair.

4. Massage Comb
Massage the scalp to give the scalp a more comfortable enjoyment and relieve the head.

5. Hot Therapy
Through hot therapy technology, it will heat the customer’s skin and neck. You can use it do massage, to relax the customer neck and shoulder, accelerate blood circulation

Scalp care instrument operation process, understand the operation process.
Step 1:Put the detection head on the scalp, adjust the appropriate distance, you can use the button on the handle to freeze the scalp detection screen.
Step 2:After washing and conditioning, press the start switch at the bottom of the massage head to activate the massage head.
STEP 3:After loading the selected liquid product into the gun, turn on the oxygen pump switch on the control panel to spray evenly onto the scalp, the gun can be adjusted on the atomization energy size
STEP 4:Plug in the power cord, rotate to open the bottom of the high-frequency handle switch; start the high frequency.
STEP 5:Plug the power cord of the accessories, open the meridian brush above the selection of different functions for massage. Select different functions for massage.

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