5D laser lipo Machine vertical


5D lipo laser is the newest model of lipolaser bodyslimming machine in the world. 5D Lipo laser uses the laser energy of red light 650nm,

invisible 940nm+980nm light and 780nm+808nminfrared light, emits low levels of laser energy, whichcreates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breakingdownthe stored triglycerides into free fatty acids andglycerol

and releasing them though channels in the cell

membranes. Five wavelengths is

650nm+940nm+780nm+980NM+808NMcollaborateharmoniously to lose weight efficiently. 1. Well reputed machine in USA and Europe

2. Clinically approved result

3. In just 30 minutes 2 -4 inch fat reduces

4. Treatment can reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. 5. No surgical procedure means no recovery time. Advantage:

1.Japan imported diode laser, 28 diode lasers oneachbigpaddles to make sure the best energy to get the best


2.The pads can be connected tightly by bandage, whichis more effective to lose weight. 3.High quality electronic board, every pad has its ownpower source and air cooling system, which is

convenient to maintain, and prolongs lifespan of diodelasers. 4. Cellulite reduction, body slimming, skin tightening,

improve the blood circulation

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