Bodysuit for Vela Shape / Roll Slim etc


Sizes: M L XL XXL
Colours: White/Grey/Black
You can stipulate your size and colour under delivery notes


1. Beauty institutions (such as fat blasting machines, slimming and body sculpting instruments, roll slim instruments).

2. Wear and use with LPG equipment for physiotherapy, including various physiotherapy done in the hospital after childbirth.

3. Suitable for fitness awareness, dance teams, institutions, night shows, etc.

Features: good elasticity, no opening, non-disposable clothes, can be used repeatedly

Tips: Wearing clothes alone can have the effect of body shaping. It does not have the effect of slimming and shaping. It needs to be used with slimming equipment.

Body suit introduction

Top quality bodysuits (body stocking) designed for the cellulite therapy, surgical and orthopedic treatment. Our products are non-abrasive texture for greater treatment, allows multiple maneuvers, promotes smooth in – depth action and facilitates access to difficult areas with comfort to the body, the suits capture heat and raise your body temperature, increase sweating, and help you quickly reduce water weight. Elasticity around neck, wrist, waist and ankle prevents air from escaping or entering clothing, maximizing sweat. Reflective streaks on the arms and legs make it safer to wear when running, and are ideal for wearing in cold weather to keep warm. You can also wear it while exercising and stretching to improve blood flow and flexibility or use with slimming machines.

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