Cryo cuff machine set cooling and heating


Includes the entire set for all body parts.

Warm Iceless Cold Compression Therapy Machine

Therapy system integrates iceless cold, hot and compression therapies in one easy-to-use unit. The cold compression machine adopts a fully automatic semiconductor refrigeration system, with optional wrapping accessories for different body parts however this set has all accessories,it does not only allow cold compress, warm compress or compression therapy separately, but also allows combined use of cold compress + compression therapy or warm compress + compression therapy flexibly.

For patients with long-term exercise, labor, various trauma, bone injury, fever, pain and swelling, etc., it can continuously improve the blood of the human body circulation and vasodilation. It has the advantages of safety, simplicity, and high efficiency. It is an effective treatment method to treat chronic pain, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, relieve local muscle tension, and enhance immunity. It can reduce swelling and pain in the early postoperative period, improve joint mobility, reduce complications, and bring unexpected therapeutic effects to patients.


Item Name

Hot compress/ Iceless cold compression therapy machine

Working Voltage


Power Consumption


Adjustable Time

Pressure range


Water temperature


Machine size


Machine net weight



Switchable temperature unit and

Intelligent control, LCD display

Semiconductor technology, ICELESS cooling

Intelligent temperature control, RAPID cooling/ heating

With precooling/ preheating function

Optional Therapies

1. iceless cold compress

2. warm compress

3. compression therapy

4. cold compress + compression therapy5. warm compress + compression therapy

5 types of different accessories for different body parts therapy, such as knee, ankle/feet/lower calf, waist/ abdomen, elbow with around arm parts, or shoulder.

Each machine can be connected with 1 cuff each time, not with several cuffs at the same time.


Applying Cold & Compression therapy in Acute Phase:

The device is fully in line with “RICE(Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate)” principle, which can effectively reduce exudation, swelling and pain, inhibit inflammation.

It conforms Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) preoperative and postoperative treatment regimen, which could reduce postoperative complications, promote rapid recovery of patients, shorten hospital stay, and save total medical spends.

Applying Warm & Compression therapy in Chronic Phase:

Accelerates local blood circulation and basic metabolism

Eliminates local inflammation and swelling

Relieves pain

Promotes wound healing

Applicable Scene/Channel

* Orthopedic or Sports Medicine Wards

* Rehabilitation Clinics

* Pain Clinics

Applicable Scene/Channel

* National sports institutions

* Military training facilities

* Sports clubs

* School nursing offices

* Gyms

For 1 set, include  1 machine + 1 leg (not include feet) as foot cuff seperate + 1 elbow + 1 waist + 1 shoulder + 1 foot + 1 knee + 1 trolley bag

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