Cryo Fat Freeze Machine


How does cryo machine work?

With the cryotherapy liposuction procedure, a specially designed cooling applicator is applied to the desired area of fat reduction to extract energy (cooling) from the underlying fat tissue without damage to other tissues. The applicator cup uses a gentle vacuum prossure to draw the tissue between the cooling panels. During the procedure, applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling conditons that have been proven to target and eliminate fat cells in specific area of the body. Cryolipolysis vacuum When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of nature removal that gradually reduce the thickness of fat layer.



1, More powerful than Liposuction.

Liposuction is painful surgical treatment that involves a long and uncomfortable recovery time.

Fat Freezing reduces fat without any surgery and does not present with any downtime.


2, Non-invasive and no side effects.

It does not involve surgery, injections or painkillers.


3, No downtime and painless.

There is no downtime and can be done within an hour.

Treatment is painless and does not affect your activities before or after the treatment.


Treatment effect

With precise cooling,cryolipolysis procedure can reduce unwanted abdominal fat, love handles (flanks), and back fat. Fat layer will be reduced by 20 to 40 percent,additional cryolipolysis procedures can be performed after one month, resulting in another 20 percent reduction.The results are permanent as the body cannot create new fat cells.



Treatments show cryolipolysis process is effective to reduce the stubborn fat and without any harm for other healthy cells. Often it is used for :

Resistant Fat

Lumps & Bulges in Abdomen

Love Handles

Post-Pregnancy Pooch

Back Fat

Double chin


Main machine with 3 handles

Large handle

Medium handle

Chin handle


Please note Anti Freeze Membranes are required which can be purchased separately

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