Dental Laser


980nm Dental diode laser

Wound healing Dentin hypersensitivity

Desensitization of teeth Pain management

Mouth ulcer hemostasis


Teeth Whitening

First apply the whitening gel on the teeth,and use the whitening treat-ment head to irradiate the whitening gel to catalyze faster absorption and achieve the effect of teeth whitening Effectively remove calculus and plaque from the tooth surface


Anti-inflammatory/wound healing

The semiconductor 980nm laser has high water absorption, high thermal effect, and good vaporization performance. lt acts on the oral lesions to provide the energy required for rapid repair,and at the same time produces corresponding biological effects: hemostasis,sterilization, bacteriostatic, pain relief, and promotion of healing, etc.


Through the sterilization and anti-inflammatory treatment head and surgical accessories,irradiation and curettage of inflamed gum pockets and other periodontal parts have a good bactericidal effect, with a high success rate,less pain,and minimal intervention. Laser has a sealing effect on nerve endings, good hemostatic effect, less pain.clear and precise surgical field, and can effectively remove granulation tissue on the inner wall of the bag,reduce bleeding, and reduce the possibility of tissue necrosis. lt has a good therapeutic effect on various periodontitis,gingival hyperplasia, fibroids and other periodontal diseases.

Intraoral contact physiotherapy head: dedicated to intraoral biostimulation. After use, please unscrew the treatment head for autoclaving.

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