Derma Shine


1.RF handle: The RF electric wave is transmitted to the superficial, middle and deep layers of the skin to activate collagen reorganization
and regeneration to achieve the effect of lifting and tightening.
2. Micro-needle water light handle: The ultra-high-speed airflow passes through the particle generator to instantly decompose the nutrients
into hundreds of millions of fine particles, and then the particle accelerator accelerates the nutrient particles to supersonic speed,
instantly breaking through the skin barrier and delivering nutrients to the Deep into the skin.

1.Effectively improve 10 major problems of skin dehydration: dull complexion, rough skin, frequent sensitivity, increased spots,
increased fine lines, disordered keratin renewal, dry skin, damaged skin barrier, aggravated acne, and yellowish complexion.
2.Improve skin’s six major problems: deep hydration, lifting and firming, lightening fine lines, lightening eye bags, brightening
skin tone, and contouring



1. The RF handle is matched with a lubricating medium.
2. The water light handle is matched with liquid medium.
3. Those with metal objects in the body cannot operate.
4. Female three-stage inoperable (pregnancy, menstruation, lactation)
5. Do not do high temperature exercise for 3 days after operation.
6. Do not wear heavy makeup on the day after the operation.
7. If you have done a micro-finishing project, you need to consult before you operate.

Tip length adjustable
Pin body type inject 9/13Pin
Pin body type RF microneedle 10/25/60Pin
mode cold compress/hold compress/import
RF energy 1-10W
Release time 0.1-0.5ms
Pin depth 0.1-3.5mm
Voltage 100V/230V-50/60Hz
Host 46*40* 38.5cm /8kg
Base 81.5*42*41 cm/12kg

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