Diode Laser Hair Removal (1200W) Handle – with screen on handle


The system has 3 operation modes which makes it convenient for both experienced and inexperience operators, and it has skin rejuvenation as well.
For experienced operator, they can choose the preset mode, after the selection of the area, skin type, hair color, hair density and hair thickness. The system will have preset data automatically, and will show the pulse number suggestion, too.
For professional operators, they will adjust the use according to what is applicable.
3 wavelength diode laser hair removal
Fixed spot size 12*20mm can be used small areas and large areas
Medical grade foot pedal with protective cover so prevents accidental trigger
More than 50 million shots
USA coherant laser bars
Skin contact cooling drops to -5° within 1 minute, skin contact cooling steady at 0°C even after use a long time
Collimating lens incorporated in handle, smaller divergence angle, better penetration, better results

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