DIY fat freeze


Cryo pads production is the safe, non-invasive way to reduce fat in common trouble areas that tend to be diet and excercise resitant. the precisely controlled, patented procedure uses a cooling technology that targets subcutaneous fat cells by freezing them to the point of crystallization. Once crystallized, the cells are then eliminated from the body.

How is subcutaneous fat cell being destroyed?

1. Choose the treatment area.

2. Start the body shaping machine at treatment area, it will deliver cooling energy while inhaling the selected part.

3. Subcutaneous fat cells under cold air will gradually eliminated and excreted.

4. After treatment, the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer will be reduced, helping to manage body size.

*By reducing the residual of the local fat layer after weight loss, the contour of the body part is effectively adjusted to prevent the balance of diet and exercise

Output voltage:DC12V/7AInput voltage:100~240VOutput power:90WCooling temperature:-2~12°CVaccum pressure:Max 45kpaTime setting:30~99minMachine size:21*16*8cmNet weight:1.2KGAir box size:37*24*14cmPackage size:40*30*18cm;


1.Replace even beyond the liposuction surgery

2.Tighten loose skin

3.Enhance the rate of metabolism,accelerate the discharge of body waste and moisture

4.Repair stretch marks

5.Relax muscle,relieve muscle spasm,relieve muscle pain

6.Body weight loss(rapid elimination of fat,waist and abdomen shaping,shaping the buttocks

shape,leg type)

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