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EMS(electrode muscle stimulation) Muscle toning
RF & vacuum Skin tightening
Laser Lipo Cellulite Reduction

ELOVE EMS technology is the abbreviation of Electrical Muscle Stimulation. EMS stimulates the production of ATP, stimulates the vitality of facial muscles, and promotes the production of collagen and elastin, making the muscles stronger and more energetic, improving the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin surface, and restoring the skin to be young, smooth, soft and white; using the unique EMS The electric current allows the muscles to re-exercise, making the skin elastic, enhancing muscle movement, and consuming lipids in the body

Vacuum RF technology relies on negative pressure and high-frequency radio frequency skin tightening technology to heat the skin tissue as deep as 21mm, dissolve fat, improve lymphatic circulation and improve cellulite. Vacuum negative pressure can fully absorb various skin tissues between the multi-polar thermal fusion radio frequency, so that the radio frequency energy can reach the deep skin tissue more effectively, and promote blood circulation and metabolism. Get full relaxation and relieve the fatigue of skin and musculature.

The effect of laser beam on skin and dermis: short distance is photo-shock wave effect to destroy fat cell membrane; middle distance is photothermal effect blood vessel coagulation; long distance is light stimulation effect, mainly stimulating collagen regenerates and promotes skin firmness, burn fat, promote blood circulation, eliminate fat and dissolve fat, so as to achieve non-invasive slimming effect
Screen Size 10.4 LCD
Energy Level Max 80
EMS Frequency 20hz-120hz
Radio Frequency Energy 60W
RF Frequency 1.2MHZ
Vacuum -55-100kpa
Lipo-Laser Wavelength Options:635nm; 650nm; 655nm; 660nm
Temperature Monitoring 35°C-43°C
Lipo-Laser Diode Laser Lights 55pcs; Energy 11000mw
Treatment Time 0-60mins
Handle Size 7cm*13.5cm
Machine Size 42cm*42cm*131cm
Machine Weight 30kg
Input Voltage 110V-220VAC; 1000W
Air Box Dimension 63cm*51cm*118cm

5.What Is the Advantages ?

1). The same instrument can solve different skin colors, different races, and different patients, and replace the treatment head to solve one machine with multiple functions (one machine is equivalent to 4 independent products).
2). Real-time detection of the temperature of the treatment site, in-depth protection of patient safety, and providing patients with the latest information on treatment progress.
3). There is a call button in the patient’s hand, which can pause the treatment in time and allow the operator to make adjustments when needed.
4). Intelligent operation can monitor the thermal effect of each handle in real time and intuitively through the screen at any time.
5). Non-intrusive, safe and reliable.
6). The automatic identification function makes it more convenient to replace the treatment head and reduce after-sales.
7). The service life of the treatment head can reach 31,600 minutes.

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