Emrf lifting machine


Non-invasive and very comfortable facial treatment option, non-invasive and painless, no anesthesia required.

2. It is the only high-efficiency treatment of facial skin and muscles that uses high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation combined with synchronous radio frequency.

3. Hands-free, no manual operation, stick and use, simple and safe.

4. It takes only 20 minutes for a single treatment to complete facial care, which is simple and effective.

5. It can effectively lift the face, reduce fine lines and wrinkles while anti-aging.

6. During nursing, you will feel the warmth and contraction of facial muscles, similar to facial hot stone massage. The process is easy and comfortable, without any side effects on the body.

7. Compared with other treatment methods, it is very advantageous because it does not use needles and surgical methods.


Benefits of the EMRF treatment

EMRF achieves facial care in a non-invasive manner, with benefits including:

▪ Lifting facial skin

▪ Reduces wrinkles

▪ Increases collagen and elastin production

▪ Increases muscle tone and lifting power

▪ Improves facial appearance

▪ Increases skin evenness

▪ Provides a more youthful facial appearance

▪ Results look natural

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