Ems sculpt pelvic floor chair


The machine also called “Happy Chair”, subverts the traditional treatment of urinary incontinence. Through revolution Sexual technology high-intensity focused electromagnetic field stimulates motor neurons to control pelvic floor muscles and triggers pelvic floor muscles Produce repeated hyper-contraction exercises to rebuild the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles and urinary system.

Magnetic intensity

7 Tesla


220 V50 /60Hz




blue and pink


Metis·Happy Chair can activate the pelvic floor muscle tissue and promote collagen regeneration; effectively enhance the pelvic floor muscles, restore firmness, and enhance elasticity; strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, repel incontinence, urine leakage, dripping, lower abdomen Problems such as loose – basin; get rid of difficult orgasm and other problems. The pelvic floor muscles-are triggered to tighten approximately 12,000 times within 30 minutes, which effectively strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, improves urine penetration , and relaxes private positions. The effect far exceeds the general Kegel exercise.

  1. Using the most advanced non-invasive vaginal shrinking technology, no need to undress, safe, comfortable and no abstinence period.
  1. One treatment course is better than completing 10,000 Kegel exercises, and the treatment effect is more significant.
  1. Each treatment only needs to sit for 30 minutes, with zero pain, zero anesthesia, and zero recovery period.

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