Exilis cellulite removal machine


BTL exillis Fat removal machine

(1) Therapeutic effect

  1. Collagen regeneration: firming and lifting, fat dissolution and metabolism, shaping
  2. Elastic fiber regeneration
  3. Increased skin density: fineness

(2) Fat knife treatment head: layered controllable radio frequency

  1. Bye bye meat, arm butterfly sleeves
  2. waist and abdomen fat;
  3. back fat;
  4. Abdominal relaxation caused by stretch marks;
  5. Raise the buttocks;
  6. Arm;
  7. Thighs/knees.

Fat knife generally 4 times as a course of treatment, according to individual circumstances, it is recommended to do the 5th consolidation.

Handle 1 body therapy

Handle 2 facial therapy

Double energy to body sculpt

Most advanced thermoelectric cooling system

Built in thermometer, the only system that can be used for controlling temperature

Advanced design to ensure safety especially around the eye

The most advanced technology of the double pulse energy to produce high repetition rate 100KHz

Unmatched treatment

Widely proven skin remodeling, skin firming and Tightening, anti aging, reduce wrinkles, look younger, lift the skin, cellulite removal

The only RF and adjustable cooling technology combined in the system

Compared with existing mainstream technology, only a small amount of energy ti complete treatment


This updated version uses negative plates, it comes with 5 negative plates which can be used 5 times and have to be replaced


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