Far Infrared Electro Muscle Stimulation


2 In 1 EMS Electro Muscle Stimulation far Infrared Slimming EMS Muscle Stimulator Weight Loss Machine

Specially designed to aid in slimming, firming and lymph drainage with intensity control for each output. Parts include: 10 pcs pads for body use and lymph drainage, and elastic bands to hold the pads in place. Electronic Pulse Muscle Stimulator Massager Machine has six kinds of functions, which are massage, puncture, beat, skin scraping, tuina and pull out fire pot. Slimming Massage Machine make use of pulse current, and establish six kinds of pre procedure exercise, strengthen into the muscle body, availably resolve fat, dissipation redundancy energy etc.

How it works?

  1. The electrodes placed on your body, will transit computer, controlled waveforms, stimulating your selected muscle groups. This creates a huge energy demand on your muscles so surrounding fat will be burned for energy. It also agitates the fat cells for toxin release and cellulite reduction.
  2. (Optional) Pads with infrared function together, improve the blood and micro circulation, infrared  warm function can stimulate the metabolism, drain out the decompose fat cells, and the unwanted substance.
  3. Acupuncture pads: open acupuncture points, do lymphatic drainage, body massage, relax

Physical Therapy Effect

  1. Losing weight, slimming the body.
  2. Enhancing breasts without enlarge breasts and physical therapy.
  3. Computerized body and breast faradic stimulation.
  4. Treat cellulite on thighs, ankles, knees, stomach, buttocks, hips, hump of bison and arms: stimulate and make muscle do contracting exercise.

Technical advantages

  1. With 10 groups of electro pads and 1 pair of electro Bra pads .
  2. Due to excellent circuit board, all electrode pads can keep working together with different energy for a long time without any pad out of control.
  3. Back care and strengthen the shoulder muscles for good body line.
  4. Promote blood circulation, and enhance metabolisms, computerized body faradic for slimming with bio-current stimulation.

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