Fibroblast Plasma Machine


Flash plasma: golden handle

Tip 1 concentrates on the contours of the face, especially improving the double chin.

Tip 2 increases product appeal by up to 40 times to activates skin dullness.

Tip 3 increases the absorption of nature skin by 120 times, greatly enhance the elasticity og collagen and concentrate the texture.

Tip 4 removes surface blemishes, scares, wrinkles and other defects with a flash plasma.

Ozone plasma: white handle

Tip 1 for large body area like arms and legs

Tip 2 for entire face

Tip 3 for acne areas, eye corners, dark circles

2 in 1 plasma consists of spark plasma and ozone plasma.

And is available in 7 different probes:

Spark plasma (gold handle): facial lifting, firmness, freckle, wrinkles, crow’s feet treatment.

Ozone plasma ( white handle): Anti-inflammatory sterilization, soothing and itching, anabolic pigments, regulating oil secretion, oil control and cleansing, for allergic skin, acne, eczema, skin inflammation and other skin problems.


  1. Unlike lasers and light sources, plasma has no specific chromophore and can be used on all parts of the body.
  2. The energy produced by the plasma is generated by a small electric current, which is used to treat the drooping part so that it can contract as quickly as possible.
  3. Histological principles use high plasma energy to instantly heal the nipple wound to produce collagen, allowing the skin to regenerate. As new collagen is produced, the skin becomes more elastic.
  4. No pain, no scarring, no bleeding, no wounds, non-invasive operation, more convenient operation, safer and more effective.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is not a laser, not a radio frequency, not an ultrasound, not a photon. Plasma is the fourth condition that is different from solids, liquids, and gases. It’s a gas that’s highly dissociated.

Working Principle

Plasma is composed of ions and electrons and is an ionized gas with electrical energy. Space plasma releases electrical energy, using plasma conduction technology to open the mucous membrane principle of skin cells, inducing and changing the ion’s position, allowing them to freely pass through the cell membrane. When the cell membrane voltage increases, it helps the cells to produce tension, so that the cation dislocations on the medial and lateral sides of the cell membrane are corrected, the membrane potential returns to an equilibrium state, the cells return to normal operation, the skin regenerates, and the skin tissue resistance is enhanced. Effectively improve the skin surface, in the treatment of acne, scars while not destroying cells, with skin rejuvenation, sterilization, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, whitening, improve skin sagging and other effects.


  1. Anti-aging effect, face lifting
  2. Improve skin absorption.
  3. Anti-bacterial, skin sterilization
  4. Clean skin.
  5. Effectively whiten and brighten skin.
  6. Improve fine lines, face lifting
  7. Increase skin elasticity, skin forming
  8. Improve facial appearance edge lifting and spot removal.
  9. Anti-inflammation, ance removal
  10. Spots, scars, stretch mark removal

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