Gym Body Composition Machine


Direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance measurement (DSM-BIA) imaging technology:
3D structured light depth image capture and human body recognition technology

1. Al human body model

2.Body circumference:
Shoulder Width, Bust, Waist, Hip, Left/Right Upper Arm, Left/Right Thigh, Waist-Hip Ratio

3.Body composition:
Body weight, fat-free mass, soft lean mass, fat mass, skeletal muscle content, protein, mineral salt, body water, visceral fat(grade), body mass index(BMI), shape assessment, percentage body fat, FFMI, basal metabolic rate, total energy expenditure, body age, segmental muscle (extremity trunk), segmental fat (extremity trunk), conditioning recommendations

4. Posture screening:
Neck forward, Cervical scoliosis, Round shoulder, Uneven shoulders, Anterior tit of the pelvis, Pelvis obliquity, O / X leg, Knee over extension

Report type: Support peripheral printing A4 report paper / WeChat apple

Voice prompt: Real voice guidance throughout the process

Data storage
1. The report stores 100,000 copies
2. The AI model storage space is 15GB free, which can be expanded by the body composition analyzer
Application for clinics, salons, home use, gym use, etc.

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