Hair Wash Basin


Hair dresser barber hair washing mobile basin set with head sprinkler

Introducing the ultimate solution for your salon’s hair spa needs – the Shampoo Hair Head Spa , engineered to provide the highest quality hair spa experience, with a focus on customized comfort for your clients.

Shampoo Hair Spa is built with premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity, designed to provide maximum relaxation, providing a seamless hair spa experience for your clients.

Hair salon/beauty spa
Color can be customized according to your need

  1. Strengthens hair roots and follicles
  2. Promotes hair growth
  3. Repairs damage
  4. Acts as a stress reliever
  5. Removes dandruff
  6. Combats dryness and hair damage


2 Different Style options


Option 1: without water tank (has water pipes) so in order to use the hand shower the water pipes need to be connected to hot & cold water , the sprinkler water circulation has a heating function and no need for water pipe connection in order to use that

This option you can customise the colour of leather


Option 2: with 60L water tank (no need for water pipes) & has heating function

This option colour is black or white only


*Once you place your order please send through colour request via email or WhatsApp*


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