Hydrotherapy Table


1.The hydrotherapy table is used to stimulate or reinforce the curative effects with cold water, hot water or both of them. The intensive alternating stimulation on blood circulation and lymphatic circulation can revitalize the cells, absorb the effective elements of water and at the same time bring the thermal energy, kinetic energy as well as the molecular radioactive energy into the deeper tissues.

2.The hydraulic massage has high penetration with changing rhythm and directions. It conveys the heat and pressure of water into the deeper inner tissues and spreads it out, relieving the nerves and fatigue, developing muscles, making you refreshed and revitalized.

3.The hydraulic massage has a wide range of effects on smoothing the channels, improving the blood circulation, relieving the fatigue and tiredness, stimulating the gastric peristalsis and recovering the elasticity of the skin, improving the metabolism as well as the immunity, different from other ways, the hydraulic massage can’t damage the inner tissues, nerves and blood vessels due to the well-distributed pressure of the hydrotherapy on your body. You can enjoy the relaxing massage both physically and mentally.

Massage table for health care, physical therapy, rehabilitation therapy, spraying lotions or scented water for a refreshing feel.

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