Laptop Design Ultrasound with Convex Probe


The latest biomedical engineering and ultrasound imaging techniques delivering superb image quality, outstanding clinical performance and versatility, user friendly

Built in battery working time more than 2 hours extending point of care to where power sources are unavailable

Power plug also

15″ led display large as 175 degree view angle

8 segment TGC precise adjustment of near/far gain

2 USB ports, connectivity of USB flash and laser printer

Discom 3.0 port compatible with archives PACS or serves

Projector port a must for lecturing and training

Prove variety convex , micro convex , Endo cavity, rectal, linear

General/OB/GYN, Vascular, cardiology, urinary, small organs, joint ,muscle etc

Display mode B ,2B 4B, B/M, M

Imaging mode 2D free hand 3D

Scanning depth 250mm and depth could be increased depending on probes

Image/video format JPG,BMP, PNG, TIF, DICOM

Dynamic frequency scanning from 2.0 to 12.0MHz , 4 multi frequency scanning

Controllable frame correlation, gamma correction, edge enhancement, image smoothing, image denoisiong, automatic gain adjustment, up/down, left/right, black/white

Stepless magnification dynamic pip real time local zoom functions

512 frame auto/manual cine loop, multi screen cine loop

The functions of pigeon holding, browsing,comparing, saving transfering printing images as many as hundred of thousands of images and thousands of cine loop could be saved, saved images could be operated by full screen browse under slide mode

Measure perimeter and area by distance or ellipse method, measure perimeter and area by track method, measure body surface area by ellipse method, measure sticks, rate measure, linear stenosis ratio, area stenosis ratio , angle measure, all calculation are automatic

Puncture guide, histogram, sectional drawing

Image foreset and one key optimisation function

Multi tens

All the data could be saved searches and managed

Multiple kinds of OB measurement reports, fetus physiological grades and reports and fetus growth curve

Presetting system for diagnosis and measurement formulas different formula could be set according to different races

3d software on all probes R64 000

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