Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet


Color: Red/White

Number of lasers: 26

Laser wavelength: 650±10 nm

Infrared light quantity: 30

Infrared lamp wavelength: 650±10 nm


-Infrared induction, automatic stop. Built-in intelligent infrared induction lamp, the product will stop working when it is not worn on the head.

-Automatically adjust size for anyone. Silicone parts on both sides are elastic and can be adjusted automatically.

-Intelligent Operating System, Timing 25 minutes. Four modes are optional. Intelligent timing is 25 minutes.

-Lightweight design, long wear not tired. Light weight, comfortable and stable, suitable for long-term wear.


  1. 650 nm to hair follicle

    The specific spectrum of 650-670 nm red light, combined with LLLT low-energy laser direct irradiation into the hair follicle, can strengthen the hair follicle and thus hair growth.

  2. Intelligent Infrared Laser Generator

    Stimulate weakened hair follicles in a painless way, strengthen the growth vitality of the follicles, and promote healthy hair growth.

  3. LLLT Laser+LED Infrared Light

    Low-energy laser and infrared light dual technology, inject healthy energy from the root for the scalp, directly to the hair root to wake up the hair follicle, hair follicle health, hair health.

  4. High Density Energy of 56 Light Sources

    LLLT Low Energy Laser Wavelength 650±10nm

    Infrared Wavelength of LED 650±10nm

  5. Intelligent Memory Function

    Upgrade memory function, default last usage mode on next boot

  6. Principle of LLLT Germination

    Endre meste found in experiments that red light of a specific spectrum can make atrophic hair follicles healthy, thus stimulating hair follicles and hair growth.

Package included:

1x Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet

1x Plug

1x English manual

Four Modes:

Model 1: Laser lamp group and infrared lamp group are on at the same time.

Model 2: The leader of the laser lamp group is on and the infrared lamp group is flashing.

Mode 3: Laser lamp group flickers and infrared lamp group leader turns on.

Mode 4: Simultaneous flashing of laser and infrared light sets.

Using Instructions:

  1. Put the helmet on your head, ensure the scalp area is under irradiation as much as possible;
  2. The therapy period with this helmet is 6 to 12 months, one time per day, 15-30 minutes per time

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