Latest EmS Sculpt Magnetic Ring


Magnetic field acts on the body, stimulates deeper muscle and nerve tissue, induces muscle contraction and neuromodulation, resulting in extraordinary therapeutic effects. The result is muscle strengthening and toning, less pain, less swelling, and increased range of motion in the affected area. Damaged cells return to their normal healthy state by increasing the electrical charge within the cells. Cell metabolism is increased, blood cells are regenerated, blood circulation is improved, and oxygen absorption is increased by 200%. The immune system becomes healthier and the liver, kidneys and colon are better able to remove waste and toxins. The electrical stimulation device allows the muscles to undergo passive high-intensity training, contracting and toning the muscles for “Abdominal Training” and “Butt / Thigh Firming”.

The magnetic field penetrates deep into the tissue, unobstructed by clothing, skin, muscle or bone. Deep in the tissue, the super-induced magnetic field is converted into a local electric field. These two domains combine to achieve therapeutic effects of tissue healing, muscle activation, muscle relaxation, and pain relief. The desired effect is achieved by setting different treatment parameters

Fat reduction

Muscle building

Tone body

Pain relief


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