Latest New Technology EMS



  • Non-invasive, safe and comfortable
  • During the treatment, only muscle contraction is felt, the process is easy and comfortable, and there is no side effect on the body, just do it and go.
  • Faster and more efficient
  • Treating up to eight areas simultaneously at a time improves body coverage and provides more efficient and comprehensive muscle activation.
  • Time-saving and efficient
  • 1 45-minute session = 5400 muscle contraction exercises; versus 5400 sit-ups/squats.
  • Flexibility handle
  • 16 handpieces provide multiple different placement options to customize treatment for multiple large and small muscle groups
  • Higher efficiency
  • A course of 30% muscle gain and 25% fat loss.
  • Simple operation
  • Equipped with a special gel patch to fix the handle to stabilize energy transmission and improve safety and effectiveness.
  • Auto Mode – Smart Loop
  • Provides automatic multi-frequency combination mode therapy for targeted muscle areas.
  • Manual Mode – Custom Loop
  • Manual mode can freely select from 1 to 8 frequencies, triggering various reactions according to the selected treatment frequency.
  • Tailored energy control system
  • Targeted regional energy adjustment, and customized energy stages for each part.
  • Use gel packs

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