Lepulse P3 Smart Body Analysis Scale


The Smart Body Analysis Scale measures accurately, helping you set specific health goals to stay healthy.
The body composition scale was made according to resistivity model using a practical eight-electrode technique for segmental BIA. Comprehensively measures 5 segments of the whole body (the left arm, right arm, torso, left leg, and right leg) by double frequency and provide you with high accurate measurements of your 20 body indicators. It not only improves the accuracy of the calculation of fat, muscle, and other components but also helps you to break down your health goals into specific parts.

Eight electrodes independently measure the impedance values of five segments of the trunk, left upper arm, right upper arm, left lower limb, and right lower limb. No empirical estimates or empirical equations are used when calculating body composition, so the results are not affected by age, race or gender, and the measurement results are more scientific and accurate than four-electrode measurements.

Baby Mode (Capture Every Step of Your Little One’s Growth)

Built not only for adults, Lepulse P3 is also a great choice to accompany the growth of the little ones in your family. Open the holding baby mode, weigh yourself first, and then hold your baby in hand to start weighing.

USB charging

Type-C charging port, 300mAh lithium battery
Share reports
It can export professional physical condition analysis reports for printing and sharing, and supports synchronizing data to Apple Health, Google fit, Fitbit, which is convenient for users to manage comprehensive physical condition.

24 Users on a Single Scale

BIA: With built-in Algorithm, the body fat scale can calculate the body composition percentage automatically and store up to 24 sets data with one built-in storage chip.
Fit-days App allows you to create up to 24 profiles for your family members and friends on the same scale. It can automatically recognize the users as soon as they step on the scale, data will get logged accordingly and turn into graphs that are easier for you to understand, setting your mission and achieving it together can be so much fun.

Extra large VA Colourful Screen displays weight, body fat percentage, BMI, moisture percentage, muscle mass, body age, and bone mass data.

The Smart body analysis scale provides accurate measurement and analysis of body weight, BMI,
body fat, body water content of the body, muscle mass, bone mass, subcutaneous fat tissue, abdominal fat, and provides detailed history charts of multiple readings, allowing you to develop your body composition over days, weeks, months or more for years and your fitness plan continuously.

8 Electrodes
This wireless digital scale is equipped with eight electrodes (four foot and four hand electrodes) that measure limbs and trunk separately and accurately display fat and muscle percentages of each part of the body in a professional report. In addition, based on the report, you will receive an analysis of your physical condition, including the analysis of body composition, the ratio of muscle and fat, possible obesity and body type. As a result, you can train more effectively on the basis of these analyses, because they are adapted to your condition.

NB: **Black/White colour subject to availability only**

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