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RF & Freezing Heads

RF radiofrequency effect, with a strong lifting effect. For eye lines, eye bags, crow’s feet to strengthen the activation of fibroblasts, highly reparative, improve skin vitality, freezing effect, shrinking pores, tightening the skin. Water cycle refrigeration, can be as low as minus 10 degrees (icing)


Magic gold finger Massage Treatment


If the operator wears the adamantine

finger, there is a loose set it is not solid,

you can put on the finger with a

rubber finger sleeve which comes with it


Diamond finger working head (finger cover) using platinum are plated technology,

stable performance, fast transmission speed, effective for sensitive skin, acne skin,

no side effects.


Variable frequency radio frequency can be based on the human body resistance,

different levels, in different parts of the body, different depths to release ,

the skin needs different energy.

It is suitable for removing wrinkles, lifting and firming, removing neck lines, creating

a V face, improving eye bags and dark circles, lymphatic and meridian unblocking,

breast care, and body contouring.


Finger magic

A different kind of facial experience



Tighten your skin

Super cooling and icing power


Visible icing effects

-10℃ Freezing Work head

Super cooling and icing ability

Shrinks pores and tightens skin


Instrument Precautions

Easy-to-understand procedure


Lift the top cover from the water filler at the top of the instrument

Fill with water using a cup (with a water filling cup).

All working head handles must be connected before adding water.

(Otherwise, there will be water leakage) and then cover the top cover.


When pouring water

Observe the scale on the side of the main unit

Fill up the water to 240ML.

240ML is the best

When water needs to be drained

Turn off all power

Drain port

Prepare a water container under the main power supply of the main unit. Lift the cover of the water drain and water will leak out automatically.

Until there is no more water leakage, the water drain is completed.

Finally, close the water drain cover.

Replace water when use

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