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*Please note the pod kits can be purchased if you would like all the different pods*

1 kit consists of 6 pods, 6 gels & 6 serums but it’s only sold as 7 set kits which consists of all the different pods, gels, serums and is really good to have


7 kits R9800


7 kits are

Glam kit

Revive kit

Detox kit

Retouch kit

Hydrate kit

Illuminate kit

Balance kit



It is additional cost and only sold as 7 kits but you have an option of choosing the 7 kits as per your request if you only want specific kits eg 3 hydrate , 3 detox, 1 revive etc as per your choice provided it’s 7 kits


The oxygen bubble pen is a professional beauty bubble led oxygen facial is specially used for oxygen bubble facial treatments with the oxygen bubble pod premium kits, When using the product, the skin will produce carbon dioxide.stimulating the number of oxygen and hemoglobin cells in the blood, further increasing the oxygen content under the skin.The skin absorbs more nutrients to achieve whitening and anti-aging effects


Product Name

Oxygen facial pods & pen

Box consists of

1 pen

USB cable

6 pods (3 glam pods, 3 detox pods) or you can choose any 6 pods of your choice (please stipulate this)

6 gels




Pigment Removal, Skin Tightening, Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Treatment, Dark Circles, Wrinkle Remover, Blemish Clearing,

Moisturizer, Pore Cleaner

Steps is clean face, apply  gel & use pods with pen thereafter 3-5mins use serum

You can also use your own serum


Glam pod treatment

1.Enhances Collagen Regeneration:Speeds up cell turnover to allow the skin to better repair itself

2.Improves Elasticity:Reinforces skin barrier to protect against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and visible signs of aging.

3.Increases Moisture:Contains hydrating blend of vitamins to smooth and support plump and supple texture.


Hydrate pod

1.Improves Skin’s Moisture Retention:Improves skin’s moisture retention and works overtime to replenish dry and dull skin.

2.Enhances Hydration And Firmness:

Anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients promote cellular renewal.

3.Strengthen Skin Barrier:Gentle exfoliation agents and vitamins improve skin’s smoothness and texture.


Detox pod

1.Fights Environmental Factors:Reduces and prevents damage caused by external allergens and environmental stressors.

2.Soothes Irritated Skin:Antioxidant emollients and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and relax existing skin irritation

and redness.

3.Boosts Cellular Renewal:Aconditioning and smoothing effect helps stave off damage caused by UV rays, blue light and pollution.


Balance pod

1.Removes Dirt AndImpurities:Bamboo charcoal absorbs dirt and impurities to clarify the skin.

2.Treats Acne:Gentle exfoliation and anti-bacterial ingredients help treat acne-prone skin.

3.Minimizes Oil Production:Antioxidants help reduce pore size and promote collagen growth to balance oily skin.


Illuminate pod

1.Reduces Hyperpigmentation:Visibly reduces and inhibits hyperpigmentation caused by aging and sun damage.

2.Rejuvenates The Skin:Removes dead skin cells resulting in brighter, younger-looking skin.

3.Unifies Skin Tone:Helps even out skin tone and texture resulting in a smoother complexion.


Revive pod

1.. Improves Elasticity And Firmness:Improves elasticity of the skin resulting in a smoother appearance.

2.Evens Skin Tone And Reduces Sun Damage:Helps even out skin tone and reduces sun damage to diminish the signs of aging.

3.Reduces And Smooths Fine Lines And Wrinkles:visibly reduces and inhibits the signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles


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