New Angle Cryo Cool Sculpt Machine


New Angle Cryo Cool Sculpt Machine

Cryo Angle is the latest fat freezing cooling technology which uses a special 360’applicator to target stubborn fat that is resistant to changes in diet and exercise, effectively freezing, destroying, and permanently eliminating the fat cells beneath the skin without damaging the surrounding layers.

Technology  Thermal Shock  & 360 cryo TechnologyCooling Temperature-10℃ or -45℃ for optional Heating Temperature 45℃ Applicators 4 Pcs for Body,  1 Double chinV vacuum 100Kpa /700mhgPower standard100 60 HzControl unit

8″ color touch screen for all software operations,

1.2″ color touch screen for each handpiece

Handpiece operation via both host display and handpiece display

Maximum power1500 W


Cryolipolysis machine has re heating function, green led and red led


Cellulite removal

Lymph drainage

Skin tightening

Body slimming, reshaping

Fat removal

Pain relief

Combines cryolipolysis, cavitation treatment and RF


Please Note needs to be used with Anti Freeze Membranes.

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