New Picosend Machine


1. Application of tattoo removal machine:
ND YAG laser: tattoo/eye embroidery/eyeliner/freckle removal and skin whitening.
1064nm wavelength: removes freckles and chloasma, eyebrow tattoos, failed eyeliner tattoos, tattoos, birthmarks and nevus Ota, pigmentation and age spots, nevus in black and blue, scarlet, dark coffee, dark color.
532nm wavelength: remove freckles, eyebrow tattoos, failed eyeliner tattoos, tattoos, lip lines, pigments, capillaries in light red, brown and pink and other light colors. Pigment removal.
1320nm is specialized for skin rejuvenation and deep facial cleansing, removing blackheads, tightening, whitening, and rejuvenating the skin.

The advantages of laser on tattoos:
1. No damage to skin and hair follicles; No scar risk.
2. Instantaneous blasting high laser technology, produced according to international standards, with strict technical testing.
3. Imported stone Q-switch cassette mechanism, the entire solid-state laser, without the need to replace the Q-switch.
4. Painless treatment with minimal side effects.
5. Easy to operate.
Maximum energy, best effect
Laboratory data shows that the laser rod reaches 2000mj.
Accurate calculation of laser values
The aiming distance of the indicator light is 6-10cm rational design
*The product has a novel appearance and is mainly sold as a popular model
*Adjustable handle bracket, sturdy and durable
*Anti slip handle, ergonomic design
*Cross processing connecting pipe
Minimum size
Adopting the core components of medical equipment. The size of the machine is smaller.
Lower cross-border shipping costs than regular machines.
Smaller handle for more convenient versatile use.

Our 532nm, 1064nm, and 1320nm wavelength technologies
In addition to removing tattoos, it can also remove freckles, whiten and tender the skin, shrink pores, benign pigmentation lesions and vascular lesions.
This flexibility can bring new revenue and improve your investment return.
Imported pink laser bar has small pulse width, strong energy, good effect and long service life.
Safely and effectively remove all pigments.
Pulse width 3-5ns
It can emit light 5 million times.

Micro laser theory:
Utilize the explosive effect of micro lasers. Laser penetrates the epidermis into the dermis and affects the quality of pigment, which is absorbed by the pigment. Due to the very short duration of laser pulses in nanoseconds and their extremely high energy, the pigment mass rapidly expands and breaks into small pieces, which are eliminated through metabolism. In this case, gradually lighten and eventually.

Advantages of micro laser:
In the past, lasers relied on high temperatures to remove pigments from the skin, causing severe pain and causing severe skin redness and damage during this process.
At present, picosecond laser is a safe, fast, and non-invasive treatment method, providing a milder treatment method. This device is also equipped with a scar-less head.
When using a scar-less head for treatment, the treatment area will not cause skin trauma at all, and the therapeutic effect is the same as that of a normal head.
1064nm removes black and blue tattoos and pigments
532nm for red and brown colored tattoos, pigment removal
1320nm for carbon peeling, skin regeneration, and skin whitening

Equipment name:
ND YAG laser
532nm, 1064nm, 1320nm
5 nozzles
Screen size
8-inch true color touch screen
Energy density
0.4-2.0J/cm ²
Laser rod lifespan
5 million
8 languages
tattoo removal, eyeliner removal, pigment treatment, skin rejuvenation, whitening

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