Ozone steam sauna capsule infrared therapy


Ozone steam sauna capsule infrared therapy

1.Heat therapy:the infrared light wave will act upon endermic fat to increase the

combination of fat and oxygen(i.e.burn the fat) and discharge the liquidized fat outside

the body with sweat.20-30 minutes of use can consume 600 calories of energy,which is

equal to the consumption of running for 100,000 meters.The temperature inside the

spaceship can be as high as 90 degrees,which can improve lymph circulation to discharge

the toxic and surplus water inside the body to slim the body.It has been proved by the

science of medicine that it has some assisting functions to arthritis and rheumatism.

2. Color light therapy:by adopting brand-new color light therapy, the specially-designed

light source radiates color light wave to improve the metabolism of human cells.It has

different functions to various kinds of problematic skins.

3. Negative ion facial breeze:it adopts negative ion breeze to adjust the metabolism of

the skin,increase the elasticity of skin,delay aging and ease local muscle injury and


4. Aromatherapy:based on the essence oil vent, it can be combined with essence oil of

plants with different functions to go into by absorption the internal organs to treat

physically,soul and spirit.

5. Bacteria-killing system:it can deep-cleanse the capillary pores and eliminate all the

harmful heavy metal substance in your body.

6. Musical therapy:it is equipped with CD appliance to relax human mind, eliminate

tiredness and supply energy.Instruction on functions of the panel Introduction to various

parts of the panel

POWER:the overall power supply of the machine

SELECT:press this button and the lower right corner of “B” or “C” windows will display a

little red dot to represent the selected.

START:it is the button to permit output when the selected little red dot will flicker and

at the same time “B” and “C” display the actual temperature in the spaceship.

A: Time display

B: Temperature display in the upper spaceship

C: Temperature display in the lower spaceship

D: Time display for ozone disinfection system.Press the PZONE button to start the ozone

function with the maximum setting being 30 minutes.

TIMER: System time set,it has both increase and decrease buttons with a maximum value of

60 minutes.

TEMP SET: System temperature set.The adjustment buttons are for adjusting tens digit and

one digit respectively.When the machine starts the display is 35℃.The adjustment range

is 0℃-90℃ with the maximum setting of 99℃.

Timer: Ozone time adjustment,usually it is 15 minutes.

OZONE: ozone start/stop button.

Instruction on the procedures of operating the machine

1. Start the power supply “POWER”.

2. Start the ozone for 5-10 minutes.(After each time of operation, start the ozone

independently for 15 minutes to disinfect the spaceship completely).

3. Press the button “SELECT”.

4. Adjust the temperature set(the temperatures in the upper and lower spaceships),usually

it is adjusted to 75℃-90℃ as far as it is comfortable.

5. Adjust the time and usually it is 30 minutes.

6. Press “START”:the machine will start to operate with a display of the actual

temperature inside the spaceship.

7. For operations of the CD player,refer to the display operation on the CD player.

Function configuration

1. Time set

2. Temperature set

3. Far infrared dry-steaming

4. Negative ion breeze

5. Ozone bacteria-killing system

6. Spectrum therapy

7. Aromatherapy

8. CD configuration

Note: it is configured additionally

Instruction:when the upper spaceship is started for dry-steaming,the negative ion breeze

and spectrum are started at the same time.When the temperature rises to the set value,the

negative ion breeze and the spectrum will automatically shift to the natural wind and the

natural light (i.e. they will be start for 1 minute with a pause of 30 seconds)to recycle

repeatedly to give you a feeling of being in a forest.

The functions of wide band far infrared

Due to the large size of this product, disassembly must be done when it is restricted by


1. Move the mattress.

2. This procedure needs cooperation of three people.Two people support the upper

spaceship while the other person holds the supporting pole and turns counterclockwise to

remove the pole or the fixing clip.

Note: do not remove the upper and lower fixing screws because they are difficult to


3. Two people stand at the upper spaceship up to form an angle of 130-150 degrees with

the lower spaceship so that the whole spaceship goes indoors in the shape of S.(This is

one of the methods).

4. Separate the upper and lower spaceships completely,remove the semi-circle covers in

the back of the upper and lower spaceships and plug out carefully all the plugs connected

to the upper spaceship.

Note: when plugging out these plugs, note down the respective proper positions with pen

for later assembly. )

5. After removing the supporting poles (as in step 2),the two people stand the upper

spaceship up to form an angle of 90 degrees with the lower spaceship and the other personremoves the two fixing screws before pulling out the bolts at two ends. Counter the

disassembly order when doing the assembly

Technical parameters

Operation voltage: AC220V-AC250V

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Maximum operation current: 8A

Maximum power: 1500W

Average power consumption: 800W/h (20℃ of environment)

Length of product: 220cm

Width: 86cm

Height: 95cm

Height when stretched: 95cm

Packaging size: 240*100*115cm

Please note: Because it is oversized package and due to certain safety rules of transportation – the ETA is 50 days

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