Pmst loop


Physical therapy loop


PMST LOOP commonly known as PEMF, is energy medicine. Human bodies are alive because of electro-magnetic exchanges between cells. PEMF therapy introduces a low frequency pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) that recharges the cells of the body, allowing them to float freely, increasing their effective functioning surface area and consequently enhancing circulation, oxygenation and hydration

PMST LOOP is a holistic supplement for the body that infuses the body with natural energy at a cellular level. The body can use this energy for the following purposes:

  • Heal and regenerate oneself
  • Enhance its natural recovery process
  • Assists with post-exercise muscle fatigue and discomfort
  • Increase energy or support relaxation
  • Balance the body’s interconnected systems
  • Research into PEMFs continues to expand because each body responds uniquely based on its own needs.


Unique Features of PMST LOOP

  • Lightweight and professional-grade, its shoulder strap and compact design are perfect for the travelling instructor or active professional. PMST LOOP’s high-quality components make it an affordable and simple PEMF solution for the health industry.
  • Large single loop and butterfly loop


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