Professional Infrared Red Light Belt


Red light belt therapy contouring beauty LED photon laser lipo belt red light therapy belt

Technical principle

LED phototherapy delivers light energy to tissues and cells in a way similar to plants absorbing solar energy. Beneficial light energizes cells and stimulates the body’s natural processes to build new proteins and regenerate cells, temporarily relieve arthritis, muscle and joint pain, reduce inflammation and stiffness, and increase blood circulation. For the thick fat layer, giving energy with light energy is similar to burning fat to achieve effective weight loss.

  1. Muscle and Joints pain
  2. Speed wound healing
  3. Hair Re-growth
  4. Enhanced blood circulation
  5. Increase collagen
  6. Weight loss
  7. Anti-inflammatory
  8. Decreases pain

Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain

Infrared light treatment equipment can effectively relieve pain without harmful side effects. At present, many institutions have implemented it.

laser lipo belt. Easy and fashionable way to lose weight. Portable, Anytime & Anywhere. Led belt has portability and wear resistance. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere by connecting to the power bank or charging terminal. Enjoy near infrared therapy at home, at work, in the car or when hiking, yoga, jogging and various activities. Physical therapy and weight loss dual wavelength Technology.


Power input: 12V / 2A

Power: 18W

Light wavelength: 660nm / 850nm, 3:2

Light bead quantity: 105pcs

Function: Body slimming + Pain relief

Product size: 126*18cm

Package size:

Gross weight: 1.2kg

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