Quantum Resonance analyzer with therapy


Work Theory:

Human body is an aggregate of numerous cells, which continuously grow develop, split, regenerate and die. By splitting up, cells

renew themselves. For adult people, about 25 million cells are splitting up every second and blood cells are constantly renewing

at a rate of about 100 million per minute. In the process of cellular split-up and renewal, the charged bodies of nucleus and

extranuclear electrons as the basis unit of a cell are moving and changing ceaselessly at a high speed as well, emitting

electromagnetic waves without interruption . The signals of electromagnetic waves emitted by human bodies represent the specific

condition of human body and therefore, different signals of electromagnetic waves will be emitted by the conditions of good

health, sub-health, diseases, etc. The conditions of life can be analyzed if such specific electromagnetic wave signals can be

analyzed. The quantum resonant magnetic analyzer is a new instrument to analyze such phenomenon. The weak magnetic frequency and

energy of human body are collected by holding the sensor, and after amplification by the instrument and treatment by the built-in

micro-processor, the data are compared with the standard quantum resonant spectrum of diseases, nutrition and other indicators

incorporated in the instrument to judge whether the sample waveforms are irregular using the Fourier approach. Analysis and

judgment can thus be made on health condition and main problems of the testee based on the result of waveform analysis, as well as

standard protective and curative proposals.


  1. Language Available:

English, Spanish, French, Malaysia, Korean, Romanian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Thai, Slovakian, Vietnamese, Indonesian


  1. Features:

1). Professional: Based on the study on a hundred million clinical cases for many years, a number of medical and computer experts

invented quantum health monitor.

2). Comprehensive: Our quantum health diagnostic instrument can make a comprehensive examination to human body.

3). Accurate: The statistical analysis of health is carried out rigorously by using scientific methods and it is approved by a

large number of clinical practices. The accuracy rate of this healthcare product can reach up to 85%.

4). Ahead: Our therapy device can detect health changes before obvious symptoms and signs of disease appear. The early detection

will make for early treatment.

5). Simple: The operation of this health equipment is quite easy. Users can master the detecting techniques after a short-term


6). Convenient: Through using this health instrument, health check can be made anytime and anywhere. This will save time for


7). Economic: The cost of testing is quite reasonable, acceptable for average consumer.

8). Security: The health check is made in a non-invasive way, so the instrument will not harm human body. Based on the testing

reports, the users can get the information about health status and prescription.

  1. How to use the QRA with simple operation ways:


1) Install software in PC


2) Connect all of lines, such as USB Drive to PC, USB Key (open the software use), the metal stick line to Machine.


3) Open the software, meanwhile, hand the metal stick, and choose start testing.


4) 1 minutes, it will auto-show the test result.


What is Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer?


The Quantum Resonant Magnetic Analyzer is a Hi-tech innovation project, which is related to medical, bio-informatics, electronic engineering, etc.  It is based on quantum medical, and scientifically analyzes the human cell’s weak magnetic field collected by advanced electronic device.


Quantum analyzer advantage:


1.Prediction without symptoms.


2.Non-invasive and painless.


3.Speed and accuracy.


4.Simple and convenient.


How to Use Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer ?


1.Install software into your testing PC


2.Connecting the device with testing PC with USB cable, put the hand sensor on the device then put on USBkey into PC


Open the software, hold on hand senor then you can start doing test


  1. The testing will end about 2 min later, then click the button of “save”, the reports will save at your pointed place.


Who cannot use quantum analyzer?


– Handicap Person

– Those wearing pacemakers

– Under Long Term Medication

– Women having Menstrual



This instrument is an ideal promotion tool for beauty salon, SPA club, clinics, health examination center, health food/nutrition supplement /health care products shop, direct selling, massage center, etc. The operator can write out prescription based on testing reports. It’s also suitable for family use


Sub-health detection



Bio-Separation System






XP,win7,win8,win10 etc



English, French,Dutch,Chinese,Japanese, Portuguese, German, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesia, Bulgarian , Hungary ,Russian ,Serbian, Slovak, Czech, Romanian, Vietnamese,?Thai, Spanish,Chinese, Polish,Netherlands ,( Spanish Amway ) , ( English Amway ) ,( Chinese+English+Malay ) Amway 3 in 1 , etc.



Main machine,USB key,USB line, hand sensor, therapy slippers, electrode grenades, therapy pads, electrodes lines, CD software, manual


Whole body disgnose


Home, Clinic, Hospital, Gym, SPA club, Beauty Salon; Health center



One year




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