Shockwave Therapy Machine


Simple and stylish appearance

Advanced, with a sense of design, making users feel very professional


Made of aviation aluminum precision

With intelligent heat dissipation device, it can be used continuously to save energy and electricity, with fast heat dissipation and long service life.

The surface is smooth and exquisite, and the grip and use feel are very good

Touch screen:

The whole operation is completed on the display screen, and the treatment site can be selected, and the corresponding frequency and energy parameters have been set for each treatment site.

Foot switch:

The foot switch is used by the customer’s foot. During the treatment, if the customer has any discomfort, he can press down on the foot switch and the handle will stop working.


medical equipment/pain relief machine/pain treat shockwave

A shockwave is defined as a wave with a rapid increase of pressure within a very short time and then having a gradual decrease of pressure with a small negative pressure phase.

Shockwave is aimed at the affected areas that are the source of chronic pain. The influence of the shockwaves causes to thedissolution of calcium deposits and leads to better vascularization. The after-effect is relief from the pain

In addition, shock waves cause the production of endofibrin , Reduce the sensitivity of the affected area to pain, the above several mechanisms are aimed at the synthetic effect of the injury, and can achieve long-term effective treatment for the

patient’s pain. By improving the metabolism of the treated area and reducing the inflammatory response in the affected area, shock wave therapy also promotes the recovery of the tissue. Its mechanisms include relaxing the calcium deposit in the affected area,reducing edema and increasing the mechanical load of the tissue.

SW-200 Extracorporal shock wave therapy medical equipment/pain relief machine/pain treat shockwave

Frequency range from 1Hz to 16Hz, you could Choose the frequency according to your pain level


Soft tissue repair:

(1)Shoulder: Frozen shoulder, long head biceps tendonitis, subacromial bursitis, calcified supraspinatus tendonitis;

(2) Elbow: lateral epicondylitis of humerus, medial epicondylitis of humerus;

(3) Wrist: tenosynovitis, finger arthritis;

(4) Knee: patellar tendonitis, knee arthritis;

(5) Foot: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Achilles tendon shortening;

(6) Neck and waist: neck and shoulder muscle pain, coccyx pain, third lumbar transverse process syndrome etc

Bone tissue diseases:

Nonunion, delayed union and nonunion of fracture, avascular necrosis of femoral head in adults.

Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy: Muscle erosion, nerve damage.

Wound healing: wound healing, diabetic foot, pressure sores.

Andrology diseases, etc.: impotence, prostatic inflammation, genital sclerosis.

Bad breath disease: plus the lower joints are disordered, etc.


ED treat:

A growing number of men across the globe are suffering from some form of male sexual dysfunction—especially erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction is characterized by a man’s inability to achieve or maintain a healthy erection—that is, one that is adequate for sexual activity. This is often the result of improper blood flow to the penis, restricting the penis from becoming fully erect.

EDSWT: New Effectivness for More Patients

Vasculogenic and diabetic ED patients will benefit from EDSWT. EDSWT therapy brings hope to those patients, by allowing more than 70% of them to become responsive to PDE5 inhibitors. As “end-stage” ED patients, they will be able to enjoy normal sexual function. Our shockwave therapy machine breakthrough therapeutic system can bring lasting improvement in erectile function and new sexual spontaneity to millions of people – painlessly, naturally and safely.


Therapy Device for Veterinary Use:

SWAVE-200 shockwave therapy machine developed by Rhein Laser has achieved great success in the field of animal treatment. The shockwave machine significantly improves its blood circulation and the growth of new blood vessel after treatment of the animal’s injured area. Besides, it can achieve pain relief immediately and it can also affect bone remodeling by growing the outer layer and strengthening the cell network under the cartilage.

Apply SWAVE-200 to the injured area (bones, joints, tendons or ligaments) for about 20 minutes. A typical course of treatment consists of three treatments needed at three-week intervals.

Veterinary Shockwave Therapy Machine – Indications of SWAT-200

Suspensory Ligament Branch

Collateral Ligaments of Various Joints

Nuchal Ligament

Arthropathy / Cubarthrosis

Muscle trigger points – Sciatica, myositis, fibrosis

Chronic Back Pain

Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

Painful Scar Tissue

Relax After SportsGeneral Massage

Shockwave Machine Manual

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